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Pennies from Heaven

Six years ago we started living in our boat from May-Oct.  Good ol' Marge the Barge is a beaut, but she is old and outdated and needs a lot of work.  To freshen her up a bit, and keep everything less overwhelming, we do a couple projects each year.   In an effort to be inspired for the next project, I found myself browsing Pinterest, a very dangerous game.  I advise against it.  You find wonderful creative things that look lovely and super easy.  Pure deceit.  Nevertheless, I got hooked on penny floors...oh my garsh they were so shiny.  (Here's a sneak peek at the ending so you can understand how someone could get hoodwinked into doing it) I reviewed the idea with the fam and we spent the next several weeks collecting pennies from drawers, streets, strangers, friends, family, and eventually had to get the bank to help.  It was so know the visualizing of the project is always so exciting.  Then it came to doing the thing... Well, the doing proved difficult.  Pain