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The online review...

It is my best friend and worst enemy.  The star rating is the difference between sleeping peacefully or waking fitfully all night long.  It is an indicator of my blood pressure, it is a mood crusher, and it is the last straw in a ginormous stack of hay.  Five stars will blow sunshine right out of my backside, and one will cause the angst of a never ending sliver.  If you are in the service industry, you know exactly what I'm talking about.  You feel me.

Should a one star even be a star?  Aren't we sullying the good name of a star if, when it stands alone, it is the worst.  As a child one star was so exciting - it was everything, but now, now it is failure.  I think for the sake of stars we should change one star to a poo emoji...I mean that's how it feels.  Total poo💩.  I also think poo emoji's are funny because they're always smiling.  Really poo?  Smiling?  I digress.

This weekend we didn't do great with one of our customers. 

That customer reached out and called me.  I will call her Lisa, because that is her name.  She shared some very specific feedback.  It was about our speed of food service and attentiveness.  Two things I like to think we are exemplarily in.  Her words made me the kind of b.o. stress sweat that you wonder where it came from.  Each detail she shared I could feel my heart rate increase.  She was calm and kind and thoughtful with her feedback.  She wasn't shouting or causing those reactions, it was just my heart.  My heart is so hell bent on the opposite of what she experienced.  Hearing our failures hurt, because duh, it sucks to suck.  But I kept listening, kept asking.  I wanted to defend, and say but but but but...but I really needed to hear what she had to say.  Gutted, I thanked her for the call and pulled up my big girl pants and made a list of things I needed to do.

Lisa could have easily given me a one star review, a total poo review, but she cared enough to help me learn and grow.   So please fellow humans, may I ask a special time you are faced with bad service and the opportunity for a raging quick fingered one star review... ... ... ... ...Be a Lisa.


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